ZKM - Touchtable

Multimedia-opera "Amazonia"

In an extraordinary combination of musical theatre, media arts, technology and science the  multimedia-opera "Amazonia" lights the world of Amazonia and the threat of its unique resources by applying all virtual and multimedia possibilities of modern music theatre.

Amazonia is an ecological and cultural  nucleus of the global destiny. In three chapters the project expands the aspects of the "amazonian pain" (Peter Sloterdijk) and future and therewith reflects the manifold dimensions of Amazonia. 

Below the artistic direction of Peter Weibel the ZKM was responsible for the realization of the third chapter called: β€žIn prospect of the capability of a rational method to solve the climate problem".

To realize the visual and interactive implementation of the opera the ZKM has authorized IMSYS to develop a special, mobile touchtable. All (electronical) components – like projection, infrared-tracking and sound absorption β€“ have been integrated into the prescribed  tablesize. The table comes with height adjustable rolls.

The brasilian rain forest shrinks: every day a titanic surface of the "green lung" is destroyed - which fits a size of about 8.000 football fields. If the development could not be stopped, most of the amazonian forest will be destructed until 2080 – with dramatically outcomes for the worldwide climate. The artistic discussion with the region "Amazonia" should make a contribution to the public awareness of that threatening process.

Further information:


technical concept

projection size 1960 x 1120 mm
scrren diagonal 1920 x 1080 mm, 1 picture tile
total resolution 1920 x 1080 Pixel
type of projector 1 x projectiondesign F22 wuxga
projection technology stereoprojection with triple mirroring
warping technology mechanically with 3 mirrors
projection medium glass carrier 9mm with diffusion-acryl-layer
tracking Finger- und Markertracking auf IR-Basis
computing technology 1 display-nodes, 2 MAC-sound-PCs